Types flexibles

plumbing market offers consumers two types of flexible podvodok - metal braid and bellow.The first type is a durable rubber hose enclosed in a robust sheath made of thin steel wire with streaks of red and blue.At the ends of the hose which is cut into sections of different length are inserted metal sleeve, one of them fitting to be screwed onto the equipment connectable to a second - union nut, it is screwed on the end of the pipe.Metal liner compresses and braided stainless steel hose around the sleeve, the whole design of the hose guarantees protection from pressure surges and mechanical damage.

supply hoses bellows
design is the same, but instead of the metal sheath around the annular corrugated tube is mounted a protective casing for the production of ethylene which may be a rubber or metal.Sleeve latching connection sleeve and the hose corrugations zavaltsovyvayut shroud and the hub are welded by seam welding, with all parts of the structure that will be in contact with water are made of stainless steel.

eyeliner bellows is of two types: regular and "folding."Typically has a fixed length, and makes it possible to stretch the collapsible bellow to the length which is necessary for connection to the mixer. length "folding" bellows liner is indicated as a range of values: 90-150, 140-250 and 200-355 mm.

Advantages and disadvantages of bellows liner

This type of sanitary equipment, performing the function of the connection of devices and equipment to the rigid structure of the aqueduct, is designed for the operating pressure in the system up to 20 bar and a temperature difference of -50 to + 250 ° C, the maximum permissiblewater flow rate to 36 l / min. When buying for installation in the kitchen sink or a sink, tell the seller, that you need eyeliner is "faucet", depends on the way to its accession.

Bellows eyeliner has a high resistance to compression in either direction, breaks at the end of the protective sleeve, high temperatures and combustion, wear and embrittlement.When used in heating systems and poor water quality conditions, eyeliner bellows has a high resistance to the diffusion of oxygen and prevents failure of the radiator and emergencies associated with the loss of tightness.This type of liner is versatile and has proven himself to other types of pipelines, including a gas.The warranty period of service, which is set by leading European manufacturers, is 20-25 years.

The disadvantages of the liner can be attributed cause noise and hum due to vibration of corrugated sleeves, which is enhanced by the simultaneous inclusion of several points of the flow of water: shower, sink in the kitchen sink or the bathtub.But this disadvantage can be compensated for, if you buy a bellows liner of larger diameter, such as ¾ inch.This shortage is deprived of liner with a corrugated plastic sleeve.

How to connect the bellows liner

Provide easy access to places of mounting flexibles, it helps not only to quickly and easily install it, but also facilitate routine inspection of the joints, which need to be carried out at least once in six months or a year.Before starting the installation, inspect the sleeve and the sleeve for the integrity and the presence of defects that can occur due to careless storage or in transit.Check the compression end fittings, especially if the hoses are made anonymous Chinese manufacturer who has learned to mimic the look, but the quality is not guaranteed.

Read the installation recommendations in the documentation for eyeliner.Some of the parameters that you need to know, for example, the outer diameter is indicated in the passport.Connected liner bending radius must not be less than the outer diameter multiplied by 6 and liner can not twist or pull during installation or after it is installed.

sure that when interconnected to contact only those details that will ensure the absence of electrochemical corrosion of the metal.They shall be made of the same material may be a compound of copper and brass components.After installation, check up tightness of connections, if formed drops, tighten the nut more tightly, but do not overdo it with force - recommended torque must be no more than 0.4 Nm.The end of the mating parts should be smooth with no sharp edges.To wrap nuts first use the manual way, and then when it is planted in the place - a wrench.Do not use tools designed for the gas supply tubes, they may damage the cap nut on the end of the bellows liner.