breakdowns that typically arise during the operation of washing machines, often divided into small and serious.The first type of breakdowns experts attribute clogged filters, it is easy to remove.To do this, you simply need to carry out cleaning of the filter elements of the machine.
to serious malfunctions can be attributed to the destruction of the drum bearings.Determine the damage can be from the fact that the tank water starts to flow, and it appears a strong backlash.In addition, when you start the machine can vibrate strongly and banging.To correct this fault in the first place to turn off the appliance and disconnect from it all communications.
Now remove the cover as follows: the
front, rear and top.Covers often attached with hidden latches.But this still depends on the manufacturer of your washing machine.Now, try to detach the rubber shock absorber on the tank.As standard it is connected to the metal clothespins to the rim of the tank.
Then find the top of the tank counterweights, remove them.Disconnect the pump inlet.Then loosen the belt drive and which serves for connecting the impeller shaft with the engine shaft.Buck also quite easy to remove, as it is simply suspended on springs.The fixed part of the tank body installed bearings.They are necessary to support the shaft, which is fitted on the rotating part of the tank.The aim of all repair and replacement of a bearing.Remove them, and then replace it with a new serviceable parts.
assembly automatic washing machines- and is performed strictly in the reverse order.