Tip 1: How to put a bath

Bath - a very useful invention.Imagine bathroom room without it may let some landlords opt for the shower, it does not compare to the luxury of a bath of water procedures.In this bath itself should be smooth, not swinging, it should not accumulate water and joints of the wall must be sealed.
Desiring to replace the old bath, losing their aesthetic and consumer properties, you can select a cast-iron, steel or acrylic bathtub.Cast iron is the most reliable, best keep warm, but it's incredibly heavy (300 kg), so it can be put only where the floor and ceiling are designed to do so much weight.Steel baths are light, but their main drawback - the noise while typing water which even hear your neighbors.Besides, they do not hold heat.Acrylic bath all good, except for strength, plus they quickly lose their luster.
So, if you have already bought a bath, you can proceed to its installation.Store the bath and put the bottom side to him.You will need to install a siphon to the issue and o
verflow (overflow is necessary to drain the water as a result of overflow and is attached to the upper opening of the bath).If the siphon is not, it is necessary to collect from the tee.
After attaching the siphon to the bathtub, fasten the legs and gently put on the floor so that the siphon tube entered the sewer pipes.If the siphon iron, it twists the steel pipe and have it inserted into the cast-iron sewer pipes.
Install bath, put in charge of against the two walls, creating a small bias towards the drain.This is done in order to avoid accumulation of water in the form of puddles.If the foot bath is not regulated, the slope made using readily available materials.Finally, fixing bath, and a joint siphon tube should be zachekanit.
bath to firmly stood, it makes sense for her to build a brick foundation.Bricks laid around the perimeter of the bath is gradually spreading wall.When the bricks reach the sides, fill up the gap brick fight.When the clutch is dry it can be putty and paste over ceramic tile, plastic panels or close.

Tip 2: How to put the bath acrylic liner

If you are not ready to change the old tub to a new, there is a compromise solution - installing acrylic liner.This returns the bathroom aesthetic appeal and prolong its service life.To save money, you can put a sack on your own - it's easy, it is only necessary to use high-quality materials and does not go beyond the process.

acrylic liner installation consists of several steps: measuring the bath and the release of its edges, the enamel surface preparation and installation of acrylic inserts using foam sealant.

Preparing to install acrylic liner

acrylic liner to perfectly match the size of your old bathroom, you need to know the height, depth and width.The depth is measured in the vicinity of the bottom drain, and the width and depth - from inside the bath in its upper portion.Buying acrylic blank, pay attention not only to its size, but also on the thickness of the material - it should be at least 6 mm. to install acrylic liner requires a special foam, so take care in advance of its acquisition.

Before putting bought box, it should be marked and carefully adjust to the desired size, cut off the excess.Then drain and overflow drilled holes, which must match exactly the same holes of the old baths.

Installation acrylic insert

First bumpers trimmed tiled bathroom with the help of grinders with diamond disc.You must have access to the edges of the bathtub on all four sides - a requirement for proper installation.The next step - stripping the old enamel coarse sandpaper to create a rough surface.Through holes and scratch marks to ensure good adhesion of acrylic smooth paste.After treatment with emery cloth to wash the resulting mud bath and remove the drain device.

In the next step you will need a special foam and sealant.Sealant is applied to the top of the bath and around the perimeter around the drain holes - this will prevent the ingress of water between the liner and the old tub.In the rest of the bath surface a continuous layer of foam is applied.It is important not to leave voids which can subsequently lead to the formation of cracks.On the layer of foam is installed acrylic liner and tightly pressed against the old bathroom.You can immediately restore the siphon into place - it will increase the reliability of the bonding. Sometimes, for a better connection with the acrylic surface of the bath insert clamps used with inserted wooden slats beneath them.

final touch - filling the bath with cold water almost to the level of the drain holes.Water acts as a load which provides a tight connection with the acrylic foam insert.In a day, you can drain the water and use the bathroom normally.
Helpful Hint
gaps between the bath and the wall can be repaired with putty or cement mortar.If the gap is larger, then mounting them blown foam.