Tip 1: As the bent pipe

When performing construction and repair work on a regular basis is necessary to bend the tube under this or that angle.For example, you decide to make alterations to the apartment or to make water supply in the country.Sales curved pipes are extremely rare, so pick pipe , which configuration is right for your purposes, it is problematic.But pipe can be bent, and himself, and exorbitant physical effort that would be required.
you need
  • thick metal plate
  • 3 roller bar or segment inch water pipes
  • welder
  • meter pipe inner diameter greater foldable
  • Bulgarka
  • Blowtorch
Bending water pipes must adhere to the rule that the radius of curvature at the point of bending must be 4-5 times greater than the radius of the thin-walled tube.Otherwise, the pipe may be flattened at the fold.Usually this is done by eye.
To bend the pipe tap , fabricate the next fixture.For thick metal plate weld pieces of water pipes or bars 3 cm high. In this case 1 is welded to the corner of th
e plate, and two others - on adjacent sides at a distance to the corner between the core and each of the side entrance of the water pipe with a minimum clearance.Very well, if instead of rods or lengths of pipe to put the rotating rollers.
second part of the bender lever is thicker pipes, which at 90 ° welded 6-inch cut from the same tube.It is best to use gas welding, it is stronger.
Insert foldable tube into the device so that it is held between the corner of the side rollers.On one side of the pipe will be two rollers, and the other - one.Put on pipe ring arm and bend pipe towards a single video.As bending pipes need to slightly push it out of the device to provide the necessary curvature in the area of ​​the bend.So bent water pipes.It can be bent through 90 ° or 180 °.
There are times when you must bend pipe very small diameter or very thin-walled and made of soft metal or alloy.In this case, apply the method of pre-populate.For example, pipe can be filled with fine sand, and by bending the ends of the pipe must remain open to the sand could sleep.Thin aluminum tubes can be filled with tin solder and bend the rods as a whole.The solder can be melted after folding and discarded.Copper tube can pour molten rosin, which is also easily removed in the same manner.

Tip 2: How to bend the metal tube

Most often bent pipes need to install plumbing and heating equipment.If you find already bent pieces of pipe failed, you can make them at home, using special devices.
How to bend the metal tube
you need
  • - gas burner;
  • - sand;
  • - vise
metal by bending both tension and compression tests.To tube is not broken, and she caved in, it should be inserted in the spring, which is bent at the knee will keep the tube on its walls.Remove the spring will be pulling her long wire.
Protect pipe can, filled it with dry sand.After filling tighten pipe in a vice and heat in the place where it is necessary to perform the fold.To gripe is not lost strength, heat pipe near them.Soon the scale starts to fly away from the pipe.This means that the sand is warmed.
warmed whether pipe visually determine: steel pipe will take the bright red color.Certificate of heated aluminum tube serve the paper, which began to char for presentation to her.Galvanized pipe is , on the contrary, can not be heated to bend, as this could be disrupted its cover.
Also clutches, tubes can be bent in the pipe nip.The metal plate with small holes screwed studs.They should be rearranged in order to bend the tube has been desired shape and radius.However, not always possible to ensure that the pipe was bent exactly as it should.Above all, such a device for bending pipes of great length.
Also, for bending pipes, you can use a plane-parallel plate originally having the desired curvature.Pinch pipe in clamp and start bending it in the groove of the plate.In this device can be bent pipe diameter up to 4 cm.
With bending tool (machine Volnov) bent pipe O15, 20 and 25 mm.You can bend it pipe a retraction, ducks, staples or the roll.To this end, under the clamp bench lay the long side of the pipe, lubricate place bending machine oil and fold the short side.
bending pipe O28 mm, use a special machine for bending pipes.Install it on the desired angle of bending the pipe, and inserting it into the machine, pinch grip.Using any tool to measure the length of the pipe only after bending.The size obtained in front of him - the procurement.
Bending only seamless tubes because the tube having a welded seam, almost certainly burst in flexion.

If you have to bend very thick and rigid pipe, it is recommended to apply the method of filling sand, and place the fold blowtorch to warm to dark red.
  • independently to solder copper water pipes