There are different types of water heaters.The most popular are electric and gas.Both are classified by the method of heating in the flow and storage.To determine what you need a water heater, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Modern flow gas heaters have not those scary-looking machines, to which we are accustomed to from the Soviet era.Now they are compact and equipped with an automatic ELECTRONIC, just open the tap and pour hot water.Most of the proposed market models p
rovide significant performance, 5-16 liters per minute.The presence of automatic adjustment eliminates the earliest existing disadvantage when one family member opened the cold water in the kitchen, and the other at this time enjoyed the sudden boiling water from the shower in the bathroom.But for all the positive aspects of gas and a specially equipped ventilation are not available in all apartments.In addition, savings of gas heaters are massive enough.

popularity of electric water heaters explained cheapness and ease of installation.In the case of flow method heat is added to these advantages and compactness.The essence of this method is to use a spiral heating element through which a continuous stream of water.Hence the main drawback protochnikov.Necessity almost instantaneous heating of the flowing stream of water to a high temperature dictates strict requirements for wiring inside apartment due to high power consumption.Thus, for a comfortable showering requires the device with a power consumption of 8 kW, which in turn requires a section of the copper wire is not less than 7, and the circuit breaker 40 A.

Cumulative electric water devoid of compactness, as are composed of water tank.It heats the water slowly, it does not require wiring to pass through large currents.Power consumption rarely exceeds 3 kW.The more the water tank, the more people will be able to consistently take a shower.For example, one person is sufficient capacity of 30 liters for a family of two people 50-70 liters, and three have 70-100 liters.

In summary, it can be noted that the choice of a particular type of heater is unique for each installation site.In most cases, preference is given to the cumulative electric heaters due to the simplicity of installation and maintenance, as well as less stringent requirements for posting.