Tip 1: How to patch up the hole in the pipe heating

For each of us it is no secret that many things happen according to the law of meanness.For example, only including heating is immediately seen that pipe leak.An urgent need to correct the situation.
you need
  • soft rubber from bicycle or car camera, clamps, special bandages.
Carefully read the pipe, which gave a leak.Make sure that the hole appeared in only one place, and unexpected "surprises" are expected.
Cut a narrow strip of rubber.Tightly wrap the rubber on the location of the leak, covering a few centimeters from the hole on opposite sides.
Attach rubber clamps or binding wire.If the fix with clamps, one of which is located directly over the hole, and two - on either side of her.
If there is a leak in the place of the threaded connection fittings and pipes of the heating system, using clamps, winding one-on rubber patch, and the second - on fitting.

Tip 2: How to patch up the hole in the pipe

In our apartments there is a plurality of t
ubes filled with hot or cold water and gas.For various reasons, the tubes sometimes have holes or cracks through which water or gas begin to penetrate into the apartment.From the speed at which persists to flow depends on the damage caused to the apartment in a good effort pipe.The most convenient and versatile tool for eliminating leaks in the pipes is a repair clamp.
How to patch up the hole in the pipe
you need
  • - pliers;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - factory repair clamp for pipes of a suitable size.
  • Or:
  • - a piece of steel sheet thickness of 1.0-1.5 mm;
  • - tin snips;
  • - household scissors;
  • - pliers;
  • - drill with a drill Ø7 mm;
  • - a piece of rubber pad thickness of 1.5-3 mm;
  • - M6 screw length of 20-30 mm with a nut;
  • - wrench 8x10.
If you have a factory repair clamp dimensions to the diameter of the damaged pipe, your task is extremely simplified.To fix a leak in the pipe , follow these steps.
Remove the clamp bolt, and bend the clamp to a position in which it can be put on the pipe.Put the clamp on the pipe at the site of a breakthrough.If the gasket collar separated from it, then before installing the clamp, replace the gasket break.
Install the bolt into the hole and tighten the clamp nut wrench.The clamps may be of different designs: one or more bolts, the single-or two-tape.However, their method of use remains the same.
clamp The factory is very convenient to use.However, I think, not so much among us squirrels people who kept to repair clamps of different sizes.Most often, in the case of the flow tube has to use a homemade collar.Produce can be as follows.
Cut the sheet steel strip width of 20-30 mm (depending on the size of the lesion).Its length shall be 35-40 mm longer than the circumference of the pipe, which can be measured by any cord.
pliers Bend the edges of the strip (about 20 mm) at an angle of 90 °.Bent strip should resemble the letter P. Firmly wrap the strip around the pipe so that it took the form of a collar.In the clamped state of the clamp between his regiments should be a small gap (1-3 mm).If this condition is not met, one of the legs straighten and bend it again.
shelves Drill hole diameter of 7 mm for the installation of the clamping bolt.Cut the rubber gasket of suitable size.Install the gasket and the collar on the damaged place, insert the screw into the hole and tighten it.Between shelves clamp must remain a small gap guaranteeing a sufficient clamping force.
Homemade clamp can be used only as a temporary means to eliminate leaks.Subsequently, it should be replaced or repaired factory clamp a place of course another way to guarantee long-term and safe operation of the pipe.
Trying these or other methods to eliminate leakage pipe, remember that you're not just Lata pipe with hot water, and close the hole formed in the pipe, the water which is under pressure.Be careful!Experiments will spill over into unforeseen expenses, after flooding the neighbors, they will have to pay compensation for damages.However, it would not hurt to replace part of the communication in order to avoid a similar situation.
Helpful Hint
When using improvised means you can not stop the leak and "patch" hole in the pipe heating system, go to the nearest store specializing in the implementation of plumbing fixtures.There buy special bandage which consists of dense rubber and analog clamp embracing the tube with a hole along its entire perimeter.Secured with a "device" with the bolts.With the help of this band can be covered with an area of ​​60 square millimeters, and because the presses "patch" tight, it is able to stop any leaks.At the end of the heating season, remove the bandage applied to the pipe and take measures, or eliminating the hole in the pipe, or the connection to repack or replace the damaged section of pipe.
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