you need
  • for home repairs you need soul:
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - pliers;
  • - gas wrench;
  • - awl or a thick needle;
  • - detergent;
  • - sponge.
main breakage soul:
- watering can flow from the grid is very thin stream of water (clogged mesh watering);
- water leaks at the connection of the flexible hose and watering can (not a tight connection hose and watering cans, broken by metal braid hose);
- leaking water from the junction of the flexible hose and mixer (not tight connection hose and mixer, open hose for metal braid);
- water flowing from a watering can at the same time and from the tap (mixer breaking rotating mechanism).
If you have ceased to operate normally shower, the first thing you should do - is to check the shower heads, find out whether the holes are not blocked by solid particles and scale.Remove the net from a watering can, take a thick needle or awl and clean the hole from the outside, trying not to miss a single one.The inside of the grid try cleaning a knife, scraping at the same scale.Rinse thoroughly under running water grid, using dishwashing sponge.
Now unscrew the hose from the watering can, to do this, take the pliers and gently so as not to pokaryabat chrome layer, unscrew the nut connecting the hose and watering can.Just for that, you can use a pipe wrench if the nut is a very large and do not remove your hands.Clean and wash the funnel, it can also hide channels scum.Screw the watering can to the net and set aside.
Schlag Remove from the mixer, look it up to the light, blow.Look, whether it gusts and rust.If the hose is leaking, it must be replaced, because it is very difficult to repair.If it is normal, wash it with detergent, you can use the means containing soda.Clean the metal braid hoses to shine.
Disassemble the faucet, clean rotating parts, grease them with Vaseline.Carefully ototrite with Taps become attached scum and dirt.Assemble mixer, screw it to the flexible hose, watering can for him.Try how the shower, if it does not leak, sprays water evenly, it's okay!