Tip 1: How to warm frozen water

Russians are increasingly faced with climatic anomalies in the form of a very hot summer and an unusually harsh winter.Long-term negative temperature in combination with a strong wind sometimes lead to freezing of water pipes.In some cases it is possible to warm them.
you need
  • - fuel for fire;
  • - boiling;
  • - rags.
possibility of running water warming is largely due to the peculiarities of its construction - in particular, the depth of laying.Simply warm the water in a private house as the owner usually knows exactly where the pipes are and the places where they are most susceptible to frost.
Usually peremerzaet water in open areas exposed to wind strong.This condition can be one of the keys to finding the site of the aqueduct, which is necessary to warm up.Typically, first formed ice jam on the problem area: if it is the time to melt, water supply can be restored.The more time elapses from the time when the input of water, the greater the portion of the pipe chilled, and
the harder it is to renew the water supply.
find land on which, in your opinion, the water could be nipped by the frost.Clean the place of snow and spread it on fire.Be prepared for the fact that the fire would have to maintain more than one hour.Earth will warm up rather slowly, as slowly and will melt an ice plug.The fact that your efforts are not in vain, will usher in the emergence of tap water trickle.Open all faucets, let the water flows, it will help melt the ice jams.
In rural homes with independent water supply, water supply system may peremerzat areas close to the pump, well or borehole.As a rule, for the convenience of prevention - for example, to extract the deep well pump, part of the water supply system can not be filled with earth and covered with light insulating materials.If a strong cold wind with such protection may not be enough, and the pipe chilled.
for warming water pipe in this case you will need one or two pot of boiling water.Remove the thermal insulation to obtain access to the frozen pipes.Place a cloth under them - for example, bags, any old unwanted clothes, etc.Then water the frozen pipe with boiling water.Pouring boiling water all, wrap the pipe with hot Soaked rags, then nestle insulation.Typically, such a procedure is sufficient to melt the ice in the tubes.
If frost sticking installed near the well centrifugal pump, the hot water will help you too.Remove the insulation, tuck under the pump, where possible, rags.Then start to pour hot water pump housing with an impeller (not electric!), With an outlet pipe section and a pipe through which water is supplied to the pump.These measures may not be enough to water once again earned.
To prevent freezing in extreme cold running water for a long time can not stop the flow of water into the house.It is better to once again get up at night and a short time on the water than in the morning with disappointment to learn that the water was cold.

Tip 2: How to warm frozen pipes

unpleasant event - the freezing of water in pipes.You open the tap, and instead of the usual strong jet see attenuated stream dries up quickly.Even worse, if peremerzaet pipe heating systems, this fact is generally able to plunge into a panic.However, do not waste time on the experience, the situation requires urgent action.The earlier you begin to thaw, the faster will be able to restore the circulation of water and prevent the rupture of the pipe.
How warm the frozen pipe
you need
  • - hose;
  • - buckets;
  • - basins;
  • - maker;
  • - cloths;
  • - means for water heating (gas or electric stove, kettle);
  • - blowtorch;
  • - gas cutting;
  • - heating cable for pipes;
  • - aluminum foil;
  • - insulation.
Define a site that was cold, and provide access to it (remove any objects excavated trench, remove the insulation and so forth.).
best-known, tried and true way - to defrost pipes with hot water.Especially suitable for use if the tube is frozen in the building.

Wrap the frozen part of the rags by wrapping them in a tube.Pour hot water cloth.If possible, bring the hot water to the frozen section by a flexible hose.If this is not possible, warm water on the stove or electric heaters and a tray in the bucket.For watering convenient teapot with a spout.

very important condition - the water should be hot, the best - hot water.It is desirable to shed all at once frozen section.If it is too long, start warming up from the water.

watering, do not forget about the neighbors below.To prevent leakage of water pipe under podstelil as many rags that they absorbed the water drained.Rags from time to time over the basin unscrew.
effective is defrosting pipes open flame - a blowtorch, welding torch (with a small supply of the fuel composition), a torch.

warm pipe, move the flame across the frozen section, starting from the water supply.This method - the best for thawing pipes outside the home, in the trench, for example.But it is not suitable for the warming of plastic pipes.

When using it in the home take care of fire safety.Put under heats the sheet metal pipe to be cut off by flames flammable design, cool it with water.
can warm the pipe, using a hair dryer (technical and personal).With dense material or create a film on the frozen pipe isolated space - something like a shell or a large sleeves, closed with one hand.Inflate hairdryer okolotrubnoe space in the hot air.This method is not as fast and efficient as the previous, but if used properly, it is able to help.
reliable enough, though not very fast, is a method of thawing frozen space heating cable for pipes.
Tightly wrap the frozen pipe with aluminum foil or aluminum adhesive tape.Wrap a spiral around the pipe heating cable, attach it to the pipe with tape.The cable is not damaged, the helical pitch must be at least 80-100 mm.

sensor cable, which regulates its automatic shutdown should fit snugly inside the pipe.To eliminate heat loss over the cable and pipe lay some insulation.Turn on the cable network.After a certain time (it is difficult to say in advance - a) the water flow is restored.
One of the unusual and unsafe methods of heating of a pipe by a welding machine.To the ends of the frozen section of the machine, attach the wire ("ground" wire and electrode holder, or "plus" and "minus").Turn on the network for 30 seconds, and then paused for a moment - and then on again.First, you must install a relatively small welding current (80-100 A) if there is no effect (pipe must be heated), raise its value.

Disadvantages of this method: a large drop in voltage during power system, the possibility of its failure as a result of burnout.The method is not effective when large diameter pipes and a long section of freezing.
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