you need
  • - Screwdriver (set);
  • - parts: locking handle (depending on the nature of the damage).
Determine at what point of operation failure occurred.If you can not open the lid hatch after washing, wait 1-3 minutes - the maximum idle time, which provides for the construction of modern washing machines.Felt pen cap on the inside - there is a possibility that the discovery is not possible due to foreign objects that are stuck and do not allow the spring to be wrung.In that case, if the door is not locked, and washing does not start, the problem may be related to damage or hatch locking device, or a malfunction of the handle.Unfortunately, without removing the cause of failure can not be.
Make sure the tank is no more water.Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply.Depending on the design of the model, open the top or side panel.It is necessary to move the drum to the back wall.This can be done by hand, but a little easier to reject the body machines back to hatch naturally rolled.In the resulting gap between the edge of the tank and the front wall of the machine stick one hand and feel for fixing the hatch.With the power press the right hook (if the door is opened to the left side) or right (if right).If you then open the door, the locking bracket to be replaced.It keeps it in the screws, and you can find the new device in a repair shop or service center.
Remove the access door with a screwdriver in the case, if it after removing the fasteners can not be.For ease of dismantling is better to remove the door with the hinges.It is necessary to carefully separate the plastic from the arc glass lens.To do this, lower the door to the horizontal surface of the inner side up.Remove all the screws and carefully remove the alternate inner arc and the outer plastic lens.On the outer arc is a pen - it is necessary to remove the screws from the inside.The probable cause of failure can crack, fault spring, and others. Most often, damage to handle the replacement parts is inevitable.