you need
  • -packing
  • -transportirovochnye bolts
  • -pled or cloth, if the package is lost or corrupted
  • -Indoor car Sobol and Gazelle type
If you bought a washing machine , shipping as a bonus in the store there, and transport it will be your own, you can take any closed car, the main machine to fit it in size.
privozki After unpacking and carefully read the installation instructions.It says that before you install a washing machine a permanent place, unscrew the back wall and remove the transit bolts.If you do not run and machine with a fixed drum, the unit fails, you will be deprived of the guarantee, and the repair will have to produce at his own e
Once the transport bolts are removed, they must be put in a safe place, so that if the car would have to be transported, to fix the drum.After that you can tie back wall, install the machine for permanent and connect to electricity, water and sanitation.
If machine need to carry or drive to a repair shop, everything should be done in reverse order.
Unplug the drain and filling hoses, disconnect the power supply, remove the back wall of the machine and fix the drum transport bolts.
typewriter should be transported in an upright position and make sure the package.If the package over time, lost or fallen into disrepair, the car need to wrap a soft cloth so as not to tear during transportation.For this fit a large blanket or sheet.
The car should be firmly fix the machine to keep it from flying by the body during transport.
Whenever you set the machine to use, the transit bolts have to be removed and installed again in the carriage.This will protect the drum machine, sealing gum and drum bearings from damage when loosening.