you need
  • -truby
  • -mufty
  • Anniversary FUM
  • undertray mechanism dry run
  • -kran
  • -reception valve
  • an inverse valve
If you are far from the installation of such equipment, it is best to leave this to the professionals.Not correct installation and start-up of the pump can damage it, resulting in the warranty for this you lose.If you do decide to install the pump yourself, carefully read the instructions for installation and commissioning of pumping stations.
Before installing the pump to a permanent place, make sure that all the details that need to be rotated, not blocked.To do this, carefully remove the cover and check the rotation of the shaft.If it rotates wi
th difficulty, then rotate it with a screwdriver.Do not forget that the pump warranty and compromise the integrity of seals is strictly prohibited.
Prepare a rigid base for fixing it on the pump.It is a necessary condition, because when the pump is vibrating, and will move that could damage the joints in the pipes.
Place the pump in a dry, well-ventilated area as close to the hole.The diameter of the plug pipe must be greater than at the pump inlet.
If the model of your pump is no capacity for protection from dry-running, get it further.Run the pump without the equipment can not.
If the column of water in the well is at a depth greater than 4 meters, add in the suction line a foot valve.
Also on the water supply to install a check valve.
connecting piping must be vacuum means that there are no air leaks.Otherwise, the pump station is switched off, and the tap will always be air together with water.
install pipes of metal.Plastic pipes to the pumping station do not connect.
Before you start the pump to adjust the pressure in the hydraulic tank, connect the device protection against dry running and release air pockets formed in the system during the installation, turn on the tap.