What water meters?

Water meters are divided according to the principle of action on the mechanical, vortex, ultrasonic and electromagnetic meters.The apartments are made to establish a mechanical (tachometer) water meter, which has a fairly accurate indicators and a simple sequence of actions.Water entering the blades of the turbine or vane wheel, forcing them to rotate, transmitting rotation counting device by a gear.

tachometer and multi-jet meters are single-jet, as well as divided into "dry" and "wet" types.

multi-jet meters are different from single-jet division of the flow of water into several jets (before getting on the blade).This reduces turbulence and it gives a more accurate reading of water con
sumption.Water meter "wet" type - the most simple and effective tool, but it quickly breaks down when heavily soiled.In the "dry" type of counting device is isolated from the water, so it is more profitable to buy - although the price of such a meter is much higher.

Check water meters

To remove the water meter readings, look at his face.Red numbers indicate the liter figure, but the data will be removed and the black numbers.For example, the counter shows 00017859 - So, how was your water consumption?Total 17 (cc) 859 (liter).

To simplify the problem, round the number up to 18 cubic meters and pay this particular expense.

next month water meter will show, for example, 00025010 - then you spent 25 cubes.Subtract 25 from the previous 18 cubes and you get 7 cubes, which have to pay.Subsequently take readings on the same principle

to performance water meter were as precise as possible, make sure that all faucets, taps and toilet tank worked absolutely fine.Otherwise, the counter will wind off you more cubes and instead of save, you have to pay much more.Thus, the water will cost you much more than if used properly setup.

Checking water leakage as follows: Close all valves - if the counter continues to spin, then the leak is.If it stops, then sewerage system in your apartment is no problem, and the utility will not be able to bring you the extra cost for your unused water.