you need
  • - solder POS-61;
  • - flux;
  • - soldering capacity of at least 100 W;
  • - fine emery cloth,
  • - solvent;
  • - rags.
Start soldering gas column with the preparatory work.Get exclusive brand solder POS-61, as with the other solders harder to perform soldering copper pipes.They are less fluid, more refractory, and the structure of their worse.Perfect solder wire, sometimes it is a rosin content.

you need more flux, but choose the one on which there is the inscription "no-clean", "does not contain acid" or "Corrosion is passive."This will save you from the problems with the repair of gas columns.Prepare a 100-watt soldering iron, clean the sting from the burned-out old flux.
first drain located in the heat exchanger water.Open the hot water tap in the kitchen sink, at the same time loosen the union nut from the pipe, the cold water supply.Because of the difference in water levels in the gas column in the kitchen tap water will flow down the column.The balance of water, blow with a compressor or a vacuum cleaner as it will complicate the heating in place of soldering copper pipes, even a powerful soldering iron.
Strip fine sandpaper soldering place geyser.Usually, at the location of the fistula is oxidized copper, appears characteristic spot poisonous green.After stripping emery cloth to thoroughly clean the surface of the cloth with a solvent that removes grease and dust.

Wrap the pipe with rags on both sides, so that it is less cooled, and it was possible, without burning, to keep her hand.
Good place using sidecutters or sandpaper soldering.Lubricate it submerged.Enough hot solder dip solder, and drag it to the place of soldering.Solder will flow from the soldering iron, copper pipe forming a strong bond.

If the solder does not spread and harden, take the following measures.With the torch preheat the soldering copper pipes.Wrapped up this place a thick rag, soldering heat to 180 degrees and again try to warm the solder.Repeat several times.Sooner or later the tube warms up, and solder required to be spread.
The soldering iron is ready for use
tinned with wire or patch in the same way.Apply the patch, soldering heat the pipe, if necessary, add the solder.As soon as the solder evenly fill the seam, remove the soldering iron.Repair of the gas column is over.Once all cooled, water may be supplied.