you need
  • - descaling agent with details of the washing machine (descaler);
  • - citric acid
To remove lime deposits on the internal parts of the washing machine purchase anti nakipin - the means to get rid of the scum containing acid.Make sure that the manual is written to this composition, it removes scale and not to carry out preventive measures against its occurrence.
Put anti nakipin in free laundry drum machines .If you can not find the nearest store descaler for washing machines, instead of the
anti nakipin and sprinkle in a car 80 grams of citric acid.Close the door and turn on the washing program at 60 degrees without pre-treatment and extraction.
Wait until the washing machine will perform the selected program completely.Then open the door with a cloth and remove the lime flakes from the surface of the drum.Repeat the descaling with the internal parts of the machine 1-4 times a year.
no circumstances alone do not increase the amount of funds for descaling, as an overdose may be damaged rubber hose device.Lack of tightness in the hoses will lead to leaks when you try to use the washing machine.
After descaling is required to take care of prevention of its occurrence.To prevent the formation of scale at each washing, use special equipment, water softening.Also, these funds due to softening properties make it possible to use a smaller amount of powder in the normal amount of laundry.
If you want to do without the funds that need to pour with detergent, set the magnetic water softeners or filters that inhibit calcium particles and sand.The disadvantages of these methods is that the magnetic devices have a high price and barrier filters have to be changed frequently.
also to reduce the likelihood of calcium formations to give preference to the washing with low temperature.The lower the temperature during operation of the washing machine , the less the ability to scale formation.