Minor breakages create a lot of problems.But before you start to eliminate them, you must find the cause of the problem, and for this purpose it is useful to examine the device cistern toilet.

How does the toilet cistern inside

Constructions many tanks, but the principle is always the same.This float switch actuating water, pear, which closes the drain opening and the shut-off valve, closes the water after it reaches the desired point.

water supply into the tank in the domestic models, the sides, and imported sanitary ware - at the bottom.The difference lies only in the fact that in the first case, the filling d
rum is accompanied by a loud noise.

draining mechanism can be of two types: the stem and pushbutton.Spindle mechanism is now very rare, as most modern models of toilets available to the button.

float in a tank of the toilet water tight: Addressing

Before starting repair work is necessary to study the device cover fixing tank toilet, as if not handled properly it can be easy to break or damage the cap because of what cisternwill have to change completely.

float begins to leak for several reasons, among which the most common:

- distortion of the float;
- a hole in the float;
- deterioration of the membrane.

To eliminate leakage due to misalignment will be sufficient to adjust the float.Arm made of brass, can simply bend, since raising and lowering it easy to determine in which position it closes the water.

Problems with adjustable plastic lever also should not arise.Float in the tank is positioned by means of a fastening screw, allowing to change the curve of the arm.If screws are used instead of a plastic rattle, then using it will need to simply fix the lever in position.

damaged float when filling the tank with water becomes heavier and it sinks.In this case the solution would be to replace the float or repair.

Before starting work, shut off the valve and drain the tank filling all water from it.After that, through an adjustable wrench, unscrew the water supply pipe and remove the old float.In his place, install a new item and restore the water supply.

If you decide to repair the float, free him from the water and dry thoroughly.After that, with the help of heated plastic seal a hole in it and put on it a plastic bag.But do not forget that in a short time you still have to produce its replacement, since these measures can not provide lasting results.

To replace the worn membrane, which often causes the toilet tank leaks, tie the float arm to the bar, and drain all water from the tank.Then unscrew the nut that holds the discharge tube.Now disconnect the siphon and install a new membrane in place of the old.The assembly mechanism cistern in reverse order.