Tip 1: How to install your own water heater

To solve the problem of the lack of hot water, many set the water heater.Boiler is simply irreplaceable in homes that are not connected to the central hot water supply, and apartments with a seasonal hot water.One of the main advantages of the heater - it can be set by hand.
you need
  • - Roulette;
  • - level;
  • - anchor;
  • - punch;
  • - pobeditovoe drill;
  • - a hammer;
  • - pencil.
Determine the place of installation of the heater.The classic place of installation of the boiler in a reinforced concrete apartment building - the rear wall of the toilet or the free wall in the bathroom.
Follow the installation site layout.To do this, measure the center distance of mounting a boiler, as well as the height and width of the heater.Then, using a measuring tape for marking and building level, mark with a pencil or marker of the attachment point of the boiler.
Proceed to drill the holes.With Punch (percussion method), drill holes in the wall required diameter.Then insert into the d
rilled holes anchoring dowels and tighten the mobile part (tighten to the limit).
Pry heater at anchor.Be sure to check the reliability of the fastening holes in the anchor hook: Hook should sit tight on a narrow portion of the mounting hole.
Connect heater with pipes of cold and hot water.This will require metal and plastic pipe fittings, valves and tees made of brass.
With an adjustable spanner, or remove the mixer tube, and in their place screw the tees with cranes.After installation of cranes and tees change rubber pads on copper pipes and connect the mixer.
Install check valve: it must be placed on the pipeline immediately after the cold water tap.Then connect the drain pipe to the valve fittings and connect with the conclusions of the boiler.

Tip 2: How to install water heater

water heater - is an essential technique in the house.He assures you that your home is always hot water, regardless of the central water supply.Run the installation, you can call a specialist or yourself.
How to install water heater
you need
  • - or hammer drill;
  • - wrench and a gas;
  • - pencil and tape measure;
  • - a small amount of hemp;
  • - tee;
  • - flexible hoses 2 pieces of desired size.
To install the water heater, you need to pull out the water heater from the packaging, put up vertically knockouts for ease of preparation and pre-installation measurements.
make an inspection, refer to the instructions for use and installation.
Tighten the screws and level of support in order to avoid distortions in the operation of the heater.
The spirit level or plumb line, standing on the floor heater, set vertically.
Loosen the screws fixing supports small hammer to precipitate towards the top cover, so you can choose the backlash.Check horizontal support level, if it is necessary to align and tighten the screws.
Select a location for the heater, taking into account the requirements of the operating instructions.
pay attention to the issue of connecting the water heater to the network of electric current:
Meals should be from a single source, without extension;

-Must be provided grounding.
Make markup installation location, taking into account the size of the water heater.
make a hole in the wall for fixing anchors, depending on the material of the walls, select a tool for drilling holes.
Set the water heater should be prepared at the site of attachment.
Cold water connection:
-after cold water meters put the tee;

-from supplied water heater install a safety-relief valve;

-k him to connect the hose and a second end to the water heater, the exit is blue;

-connection to do with thread reeling rags or other material.
Connecting hot water:
-after counter hot water to install a tee;

-Connect hose right size;

-second end of the hose connected to the water heater;

-with connections make reeling tow on the threads.
Install supplied drain valve to release excess pressure.
After installation of the heater, you must turn on the cold water with the hot water tap open in a mixer.Make sure that when water flows from the tap, so the water heater tank is filled with water and the device is ready for use.
Observe safety rules when drilling hammer!
Helpful Hint
often in order to save set only one tap (cold water), but it can lead to serious consequences.This boiler will not be completely cut off from the water supply system, and in case of an accident will have to be completely cover the hot water in the apartment.
  • Installing the water heater with your hands
  • installing the water heater