you need
  • - drill with a drill Ø2-3 mm;
  • - grinding wheel;
  • - repair kit for minor repairs of acrylic baths;
  • - repair kit for the overhaul of acrylic baths;
  • - sandpaper №№100, 200, 400;
  • - universal putty (epoxy, «pe brulex» and so forth.);
  • - enamel bath ("stakril", "epoksin", "Tikkurila reafleks 50" and so forth.);
  • - reinforcing tape with fiber glass;
  • - alcohol.
repair through damage (cracks, holes) acrylic vannProsverlite 2-3 mm diameter holes at the ends of the crack.This is done in order to prevent their further development.Sand the damaged area with sandpaper №100, degrease it with alcohol.
Mix the resin of the repair kit for the
overhaul of acrylic bathtubs and hardener in the proportions specified in the instructions.Apply a layer of resin repair place.Apply on top of the resin reinforcing material.Push it into the resin and apply a second layer of the adhesive component, ensuring that he impregnated material and penetrated into all the pores.Wait until the resin hardens.The waiting time specified in the instructions to the Repair Kit.Some of them need to perform the superposition of several layers of reinforcing material.Follow these requirements.
After application and curing of all layers smooth out the place first repair sandpaper №200, then -№400.Get to the surface was treated as much as possible even and smooth.
repair the treated surface with alcohol and put on her wax from repair kit for minor repairs of acrylic bathtubs.Polish the repair place flannel.
Repair through holes iron and steel vannEsli hole in the iron bath has a view of the crack, drill the ends electric drill holes with a diameter of 2-3 mm.The iron bath that you can not do.
Deal damage to an electric drill with abrasive wheel so that the crater was formed around the damaged funnel.The fault location must be stripped to bare metal.The large size will have a chamfer of the funnel and the more gentle the edges are, the better.
Degrease repair place alcohol.Mix hardener universal putty epoxy resins in proportions specified in the instructions.Apply the mixture on the edge damage.Stick to damage reinforcement tape with fiberglass, tightly pressing it to the surface.Put tape over another layer of putty.Give her a little time to harden.Repeat the operation with the imposition of reinforcing tape again.When covering it with resin, try to damage the surface was slightly above the surrounding surface of the bath.
After the final curing of the resin strip the damage first sandpaper №100, then - №400.Try to ensure that damage to the surface is flush with the surrounding surface.Degrease it with alcohol and apply one of enamel bath ("stakril", "epoksin", "Tikkurila reafleks 50" and so forth.).As technology enamel coating can be different, follow the instructions in the specific material.