you need
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - gloves;
  • - length of hose.
Most often drain the water needed for cleaning the heating element on the scale.It significantly impairs its performance, which may cause damage to the heating element failure.Replacing heater also requires draining.
Installation heater must be provided to shut off the water taps.One tap is installed on the cold water supply pipe, the second covers the exiting hot.Two cranes guarantee the safety of use of the water heater, you can always cut off the water .Before draining the water heater be sure to disconnect from the network.
On heater x provided emergency valves, merge water in case of exceeding the maximum working pressure.They can use, and the descent of water, but for this they need to have
a special lever, which allows to open them manually.With these valves to drain the water very simple: Put on the valve tube, through which water will drain, open the valve overlap of hot water and the hot water tap in the mixer.Move the lever of the valve, the water will start to merge.Cold water inlet valve must be closed.On draining the tank of 50 liters will take about 15 minutes.
If the design of the safety valve does not envisage its opening hand will have to disconnect the hose liner cold water.Before you take up a wrench, turn off both valves - heater inlet and outlet .Then unscrew the nut on the hose liner, while pre-account where it will be exposed to the jet of hot water.If necessary, you can provide a piece of hose, through which it will merge.As in the previous version, to start draining open the valve overlap of hot water and hot water tap in the mixer - through the tank will flow the air.
In the event that has to be drained hot water , be careful.Put at least ordinary gloves.Since drainage is through the cold water supply pipe, first will go cold water, then warm and hot water only at the end.If you need to stop the drain, close the valve on the mixer valve overlap or hot water, and then again throw with nut flexibles and tighten it.