room features a shower in a wooden house

If you are building a new wooden house rather than remodel an old building, you will be faced with the fact that the shrinkage of the tree, which will continue the next couple of years.This is especially true on the change in linear dimensions.For example, if you install in the bathroom wall of moisture-resistant drywall and finished it with ceramic tiles, it is possible that by the time she just cracked and circled - the height of the wall may shrink up to 5%.Therefore, a lining of complex engineering services better to postpone until such time as the hous
e a little bit, "foundations".

During this period, you must solve the problem of hydro and vapor barrier, ventilation system work, impregnate all wooden house construction antiseptics and moisture protection structures.This is especially true premises, where there will be a shower or a shower, because if the tree be got fungus or mold, it will be impossible to eliminate them - they are very deeply penetrate into its structure.Rough wooden wall at 80% moisture loses its strength characteristics within 8-10 years.

Using profiles sliding frame

If you do not want to waste time and wait for the wooden house will shrink to the equipment the shower room can be applied using the technology profiles of the sliding frame.They are mounted in vertical grooves cut into the log walls.On the frame set mounting, but not over the entire height and not thrust between the walls and ceiling, leave a gap of about 2 cm. But such a structure to the floor mounted rigidly, but do not twist the screws until they stop.In such a profile can be fixed false wall and finish it without fear of shrinkage.

device and waterproofing of the floor

Usually cottages are not very square, so it is advisable to include in the room shower basin and toilet.Ideally, if the floor is elevated above the ground, in which case it will be possible to make the bottom of the drain into the sewer system.But it is especially important to correctly and accurately to make waterproofing the floor, protecting the entire wooden structure from moisture. to provide protection from flooding, do the floors in the shower on a level lower than the floors in the adjacent areas of the house.

For waterproofing, you can use a low-cost and proven over the years the material as roofing material, as well as bituminous mastic, which is used for the isolation of small rooms with a complicated shape.And in fact, in both cases it will be necessary to make a coupler, which will raise the level of the floor, at least 5 cm. When you want to put a floor ceramic tiles, is best used for waterproofing of cement-polymeric materials or finished polymer mastic mixture.

finishing materials suburban soul

After this treatment, the wooden walls can be covered with decorative plaster, which will serve as a protective function.On the plaster is already possible to mount a false wall of moisture-resistant drywall.Instead of drywall can be laid out in a half-brick wall, which is then decorate any suitable moisture-resistant material. If the walls in the shower made from water-resistant species - teak or larch, further processed by special trains, you can not use other finishing materials and leave the wooden wall.

Building your own home - a laborious process, but very nice.If you care about the comfort and decided to make a bathroom and shower inside the house, it makes sense to think about and beautiful design for this room.Good opportunities for clearance offers ceramic tile, especially mosaic, which looks good in a small area of ​​the premises, making them visually more voluminous.If the finishing you will use ceramic tiles, it is better to choose a small size, to avoid destruction at the continuing shrinkage.For flooring, this material is indispensable, especially since domestic manufacturers offer high-quality tiles at affordable prices.

Alternatively, the shower floor and walls can be finished with water-resistant glue cork panels, which are more flexible and not afraid of shrinkage and deformation of the substrate.In addition, the tube is not subject to mold and mildew, it is an excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing material.Price cork panels is comparable to the cost of high-quality laminate, ie,not prohibitive.Moisture resistant laminate and linoleum flooring can also be used as a floor covering in the room bathrooms.

As regards the ceilings, the best option will be suspended from the plastic panels that are not afraid of moisture and dampness.Under such a ceiling can hide the wiring, which is on the building codes in the shower rooms must be laid in a protective metal or plastic corrugated pipe.Plastic panels disguise and ventilation system, which must necessarily include a forced air intake hood.