Tip 1: How to set a corner bath

For small area bathrooms biggest problem is to choose the plumbing.If you can find a wash basin compact size, it is much more difficult with a bath.In this case, pay attention to the angular shapes that fit perfectly even in the limited space.
Corner tubs have a precise 90-degree angle, so the wall to which it is adjacent, require additional training.Optimally trained to carry out the walls before finishing.
Align the wall with putty and be sure to soak right angle.Check the correct angle of a square building.Then lay the tiles and start installing corner baths.
There are two options.The first - in the arms and legs, which are included.Second - on the base, and further laid out on legs.The first option is easier, but the second is much more reliable.
Pre bath put in place.Align with adjustable legs is installed correctly.Check the level - bath should be installed horizontally.Measure the distance from the bottom of the bathtub to the floor.
Remove bath and lay on the floor of the base of the foam blocks or bricks to a height slightly less than measured.If necessary, lay the foundation of the walls.To use a regular masonry cement.To proceed with the next stage of work after 12 hours are required for hardening solution.
Check how the system interfaced bathroom sink to a sewage system.If there are gaps, then they seal the silicone sealant.
Before installing the bath, apply silicone on the surface of the base or blow out the gap between the base and the bottom of the bath with foam.Make sure that between the base and the bathroom is not the slot.
Set bath in place, connecting it to the sink drain.Turn on the water, type the full bath and check the drain water.If there are no leaks, check the installation level.
Attach bath adjacent to the walls, if such fixation by design.At the same time, use the punch.
gaps between the walls and the bathroom fill with silicone.Attach to the wall a special elastic moldings.Skirting must be connected to the wall and bath without gaps.Fit the decorative front panel.

Tip 2: How to set the angular bathroom

Very often it happens that the size of a bathroom so small that they do not allow you to set the usual rectangular bath.In this case, the aid come quite handy and compact corner bath, which adorn the interior, making it more modern.
How to set the angular bathroom
you need
  • - corner bath;
  • - Roulette;
  • - small capacity;
  • - putty;
  • - spatula;
  • - building square;
  • - wall tiles;
  • - brick or concrete blocks;
  • - mortar;
  • - silicone sealant;
  • - punch;
  • - flexible moldings.
Before starting the installation, you will be required to hold a series of preparatory work.Armed with a tape, perform the measurements of your bathroom and decide the location of the corner bath.
Then proceed to finish the walls, which will adjoin your new bath.Thoroughly clean them from the old coating.In a small container, spread putty and gently put it on the wall with a spatula, trying to align all the irregularities.As a rule, all angular bath made from a template and have the adjacent angle of 90 degrees.So do not forget during the work, to maintain the right angle, a square measuring its construction.
finished leveling the surface of the wall, put on her tile and proceed to install the bath.This can be done in two ways: uploaded to the additional grounds on foot as well as on the legs and arms, which are included in the kit.It is recommended to use the first method of installation, as it is more reliable.Place the bath on the proposed location horizontally using a tape measure, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the bath.
When all the measurements carried out, clean bath and begin laying special foundations of brick or foam blocks.It should be slightly less than the previously measured height.To perform this procedure using cement.Wait until the solution hardens.It usually takes no more than 12 hours.If between the systems of sewerage and drainage baths are gaps, and close them with a silicone sealant.Set the bath in place, connect it to the sewage system and filled with water, check for leaks in the drain.
If the design of the bath provides an additional wall mounting, use the puncher.Upon completion of all work securely fasten the wall between the bathroom and the elastic moldings.
install the bath must be taken with full responsibility, so as not to miss any important moment, or may crack, which will lead to its unsuitability.
Helpful Hint
When drilling tiles to avoid cracking, first make the hole a little bit and not activate the strike.Then use the correct diameter drill.When using the gun make sure that the drill would be located at 90 degrees to the wall.
  • installing corner baths