Usually when buying a bath in addition to a set of legs do not enter.Therefore, the drain and overflow must be chosen for himself.This choice is not difficult to do, becauseassortment of goods is large and meets any demand.However, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. When goods are many, many and want to sell fake.When you purchase the system drain and overflow for bath and sinks need to carefully sort out - where it was produced.Otherwise, quite real, instead of the product from Italy to buy Chinese.China - is not always bad, but the likelihood that low-quality thing, has grown significantly.

2. In all seriousness Treat the material of which is mad
e waste and overflow.This may be brass, copper, plastic.The most accessible and cheapest option - it is plastic.Copper, brass - more expensive, but more reliable (not a fake Narva - alloy, which is not soldered, is black and so on.).
3. Select the design.With automatic drain valve or without it, i.e.with his usual cap on a chain.
Set bath at designated places.For a normal drain installation is necessary that the drain hole bath was not lower than 15 cm from the surface on which it is installed.The bath is securely.This is especially important for steel enamel baths or acrylic coating weight is much less iron.
with screws to secure the decorative lattice bath drain hole tee.Connection Seal any suitable sealant and rubber gasket.With cone seal and screws to fasten the lower end of the tee trap and to the side - the tube connecting the tub overflow hole and tee.
Connect the siphon area, a second end connected to the sewage system.Links firmly.To check the tightness of the bath, pour a bucket of water and check all connections.If there is a leak, fill the tub completely and look again - everything is working.
Installation of drain and overflow to the sink is similar.If you wish, you can include in the scheme described solid waste shredder.This is useful for preventing clogging of pipes.