So, for example, in the house temperature should be about 20-25 ° C, taking into account that the window can be lowered, and it is up to -30 ° C.As a result, the temperature difference is approximately 50 ° C.Naturally, this assessment is only superficial.If estimates do not include the floor area and the type of windows and materials.Any, even the most insignificant reason that could leave the warmth of the room, should be reflected in the increase in the power of the heating equipment.
Most often all the calculations of the heating system at home perform designers.They take into account all the factors affecting the conservation of heat in the house .If you decide to contact the designer, you can also order them additional services.They perform calculations of heating a
house or cottage, hydraulic calculation of the system, the boiler project, a project of the heating system, underfloor heating system design, system design water and sanitation.
If you want your heating system to work most effectively, it is at the design stage make educated calculation of heating. Heating should be calculated on such parameters as the area of ​​the house, the thickness of the roof, the number of windows, etc.It is these indicators primarily have an impact on the amount of heat energy that will be needed to heat the home.You also need to choose the right pot, and place the elements of the heating system.
Due attention should be paid to the choice of the boiler.The boiler must be fully produce the energy they need to heat your home or cottage.Currently, a lot of different boilers in specialized stores.Very popular on the Slovak company boilers Protherm, German Viessmann, Italian Ferroli, Czech Rojek.They are of the highest quality work.