Tip 1: How to have heating in the house

Even the mansion is a grim and ugly, if it is cold and there are shortages of hot water.One of the most important components of a cozy and comfortable home is heating .Issues related to the device of the heating system, should be solved before the construction of the house.
The water heating system consists of the house:
- water heating boiler;
- cast iron or steel radiators;
- pipes for hot water to heating devices;
- expansion tank for receiving water from the system.
most often mounted twin-tube hot water heating system, under which a dilution line are laid on the ceiling or in the attic room, and reverse - from the floor under the heater.The vertical layout is used most often in high-rise buildings.One-pipe heating system is used where there is a forced circulation of hot water in the system.
In the single-storey houses with steep roofs apply a vertical central water heating system.When installed in the basement boiler chimney height should be about 10 m. In the
absence of a basement boiler is set on the first floor.
For single-storey buildings with a flat roof and a basement, use water central heating system with horizontal.It is preferable to use gas as a fuel, since the height of the pipe of such houses does not exceed 6 m.
For two-storey houses (in the presence of a basement) is preferred two-pipe water heating system with vertical riser.Not recommended horizontal cabling system, since it can not be fully warm all the rooms of the house.Chimney in such home not be less than 10 m, so the boiler can operate on any fuel.
installation of the heating boiler should be assigned only to specialists.The walls, ceiling and floor in the boiler room must be made of non-combustible materials.Between the wall and the unit is provided with a minimum distance of half a meter.The floor must be fire-resistant, it is desirable to cover his roof with steel for asbestos.Do vent in the boiler room with a window leaf or window for ventilation.
After installing the heating system needs to be properly run.First flush the system.Disconnect the two places supply and return pipes and connect the feed tube rubber hose through which will flow clean water.To return pipe connect another hose (through dirty water will be discharged into the sewer).
rinsing again as long as go clean water.After that, restore the severed place and slowly fill the system with water through the return pipe.Make sure that the pipeline is not formed air pockets.
Before the start of the heating season, perform a test furnace.Heat water to 95 ° C and soak at this temperature for one hour.Check the uniformity of the heating heaters, if necessary, remove the plug, eliminating the possibility of a leak in the joints of the elements of the system.

Tip 2: How to conduct a heating system

heating system usually consists of a heating boiler, heat generator, batteries, convectors and network pump.Before starting the installation of heating elements, understand what fuel you would be better to use because of this parameter depend on all the other components of the heating system.
How to carry out the heating system
you need
  • - boiler;
  • - pipe;
  • - Battery;
  • - network pump;
  • - convector.
Determine what type of boiler you are most comfortable with: gas, solid fuel or oil;electric or combined;wall or floor.
Calculate the capacity of the boiler.Use the formula: W (boiler) = (S * W (specific) / 10. W (boiler) - the required power boiler, S - total area of ​​your house, W (specific) - the specific capacity of the boiler, which depends on the climatic zone andis a common value. For example, in the north of the Russian Federation the specific power of the boiler - 2 kW, and is closer to the south of the country, this figure decreased to 0, 7 kW.
Calculate the volume of the liquid heating boiler of Formula V= W (boiler) * 15.
Depending on the type of fuel, power boiler, make hydraulic calculation. So you determine the required diameter of the pipe, the required pump, optimizing the costs of heating.
Book heating system required parameters. Typically, companies that sell appliances, heating, and also provide installation services.Do not try to do on their own during the installation of heating systems, since this process requires a special and profound knowledge.For example, heating pave based sewage systems, water supply and ventilation systems to optimize the performance of each system.And this is just one of the many nuances.

After the installation of the heating is completed, perform the test with the master switch and check the operation of all system components.
Helpful Hint
As a rule, the calculation capacity of the boiler taking the axiom: 10 square meters have to 1kW power.However, the resulting figure is best to increase the number of units, since heat losses affect glass covering, floor coverings, no additional insulating materials.Consider also a corner room or not, but in her windows and on which side it is on the south or the north.
  • conduct heating the house