Tip 1: How to clean silverware

no secret that the silverware is oxidized by air, darken and lose their appeal.To get rid of the black, and use the old-fashioned way.

  1. Pour in a glass bowl (better to make it with a lid) of ammonia, put money back and close the lid.After 10-15 minutes, start shaking the vessel.Do this for half a minute.

  2. Then pull money from banks, using gloves.Now "paneer" item in soda powder.

  3. Take a small brush (suit and an old toothbrush), pre-soaked in water, and rub her silver.Then rinse with water.

  4. If black in some places still remain, repeat the cleaning step with soda.

Tip 2: How to clean silverware

Silver jewelry is very popular.But, unfortunately, to wear them for a long time without cleaning it is impossible, since these products are prone to blacken.And when that happened, many are asking the natural question: how is it that the most clean silver products ?
How to clean silver
In fact, the way to do it at home a lot.The first (and most common) - a cleaning liquid ammonia.Not only in
pure form or diluted with water as required.So, take a liter of water and pour in to two tablespoons of ammonia.Mix thoroughly.Wipe this solution products silver.Those that are very dirty, you can put it in the solution for 30-60 minutes.After cleaning, be sure to wipe with a dry lint-free cloth.The same principle can be diluted in water and soda.It is too bad removes plaque formed.
Will also warmed 6% solution of vinegar.They can simply wipe the jewelery.If the product is covered by a silver protective layer, you can clean it with tooth powder.After cleaning, rinse and wipe.
You can also use these tools together: five parts water to mix with two parts of ammonia and two parts of the tooth powder.Massa, who turned out to clean all products silver.Especially dark, you can also leave a few minutes this paste smeared.After all this, decorations should rinse well and wipe dry.
for home cleaning silverware of plaque can be used for commerce and chemical polishing.For example, Silver Clean.The special composition of these funds allows you to quickly and easily restore the original luster favorite jewelry.They are also quite effective when used correctly.Suffice it with a cloth to put on the product and rub.Or to put products in a special basket, pour the composition according to instructions and shake a few minutes, then rinse well with warm water and wipe with a cloth, but definitely soft.
to your favorite jewelry then darkly not so fast, you can give them to the jeweler that he covered them with a special protective film.But even after such manipulation is necessary to store the product .Ideal - in each individual decoration cases with padded, but fit and soft bags.
Silver - a soft metal, so clean it means aggressive or too hard is not worth it.There is a risk to scratch the product.