How to choose a dish from a safe material

to choose the right dishes, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the material from which it is made.

  • chemical resistance and is safe to use enamelware.It can be used for cooking and food storage and for zasolok and pickles.This is a great option for cooking soups.Utensils can be used if the enamel is not damaged, otherwise it is better to give up on, so as "a bare" metal begins to penetrate moisture and corrosion begins.

  • in aluminum cookware is not necessary to prepare a sour and spicy food, and store it in foods, as food can get into the aluminum salt is extremely harmful to the body.

  • Quite popular is stainless steel cookware, which is resistant to oxidation and external influences, besi
    des it allows to keep all useful properties of food during cooking.It can store food for a long time.The only drawback of such dishes is its content of allergen - nickel, so it should not be used often.

  • fry and stew can be in cast iron cookware that heats and cools more slowly, moreover, is resistant to overcooking.

  • also an excellent option for frying is Teflon cookware.It is not necessary to use oil as food does not stick thanks to a special coating.To avoid damaging it when working with the utensils necessary to use a plastic or wooden spatula.

  • cook and serve food you can in a glass.It retains heat very well and is environmentally friendly.If you intend to use glassware for cooking, please note that it must be made of heat resistant glass.

How to choose the dishes: a few tips

When choosing pots and pans, pay attention to the thickness of the metal.It is best to use dishes, whose walls thicker than 2 mm, such as a thin metal subject to deformation during cooling and heating.

to choose the right cookware with Teflon coating, it should be remembered that the cheapest models are covered outside the substandard paint that fades and fade rather quickly.

Cookware with plastic handles is suitable for electric stoves, as the gas stove they heat up and give off an unpleasant smell of burning plastic.

If you are going to cook food in the microwave, keep in mind that ordinary metal utensils can not be used.You will need a ceramic or glassware.