When buying a fryer note on her cup.This major element can be made of aluminum or stainless steel.Cover the bowl is enameled or a stick.The second option is preferred, since considerably prolongs the service life of the cup and makes the products to adhere to the walls.
fryers are commercially available with a small amount to a bowl half a liter.There are also more voluminous bowl up to four liters.Depending on the model, the bowl can be removed, have the viewing window, which is quite convenient, as it allows to watch the process of cooking.
heating element from the fryer may be open or closed.Heating closed heating element takes longer, but fo
r a deep fryer equipped with an element easier to care for.
quality fryer should be equipped with a cold floor.This will avoid burning of food, and hence more durable to use oil.
mesh metal basket is another important element of the fryer.It is required for comfortable use of the appliance.The fact that the products do not lay in the cup itself, from which the oil may splash, and in the cart.It is also necessary to determine the volume of the basket.
fryer should be equipped with filters.Stationary metal filters can be cleaned.Replacement filters as dirt change the new.The second option is preferable since the efficiency of replacement filters above.
With regard to governance, as it is not so important.Management fryer can be electromechanical or electronic.Electronic control is convenient because you can see oil consumption or the degree of contamination of the filter.More important regulator of temperature.He is smooth and hard.Since each product requires its own temperature, stop the selection of the best on the fryer with smooth control as hard does not allow to specify the exact temperature.