choosing a chopping board, first of all, pay attention to the material from which it is made.It depend on it hygienic characteristics of the product.Currently, cutting boards made mostly of wood, plastic or glass.Wood - a natural and environmentally friendly material.However, wooden chopping boards are usually deteriorate over time when exposed to moisture.They crack, deform, they appear rough, there are traces of the knife.If you do not wash your wooden cutting boards thoroughly in crevices may be particles products.Wood also absorbs odors.
Plastic cutting boards are gone from wooden boards are not very far away.Choosing made from this material, you do not get a strong strain, your board will not deteriorate under the influence of water.However, traces of the knife, and the roug
hness over time, appear in almost all of plastic boards.In addition, the plastic may eventually change the color, dark.
now fashionable to buy glass cutting boards, which tend to have an attractive appearance.At the glass cutting boards are the best hygienic characteristics.In addition, they are more durable.On the glass cutting board no traces of the knife, they are smooth and do not deform over time, does not deteriorate when exposed to moisture, easy to wash.
Choosing shape cutting board, keep in mind that the board square or rectangular shape, having a special pen or "loop", it will be convenient to hang on the hook.Such a process will not require a lot of storage space (regardless of the size cutting board).Round chopping board less likely to have similar devices in order to hang them on the wall.Cutting boards can be equipped with special tiny feet of rubberized material.These feet provide them with a better grip of the table, except for the slip on the surface of the board.
choosing a chopping board, please note that large board will be hard to wash small shells.And little is impossible to handle a large number of products or large products that delivers some inconvenience.It is advisable to buy two or three different sized boards.For everyday convenient to use a cutting board small size, because it is easier to clean.For cutting large products you purchased the product of large size.