We turn to the process of manufacturing the plates, namely, a tea saucer - to make it easier for all.At the heart of the potter's wheel will lay out a small adjustment disc of clay.Its diameter must match the diameter of a saucer conceived.By the way, do not forget the bottom of the saucer, because it is the most fragile part of it and its treatment should be given special attention.The clay in this place should be strengthened as much as possible on the stand and push it harder.
After the clay is pressed against the base, begin to rotate the potter's wheel.Slowly rotating it,
thumb and forefinger we raise from the outer edge of the clay, so that we form a thick and rounded rim.Now a bit of squeezing clay simultaneously smoothes board saucers and pulls him aside.The material on this site is better to leave a margin, as later we will not be able to add.
Now let's finish to the desired quality of our product.Oval pottery dish bottom edge attach the desired shape, and before that we do not forget using the curved side edges to smooth the clay land between the bottom and rim.Now, keeping your fingers from the bottom wall, and smoothes it.
Now we need to cut off the saucer with lining.To do this, you must wait until the clay hardens completely.At the request of the bottom of our saucer can be issued spiral pattern, which is applied to the edge of the potter's rib.This molding process is ended.After that, the plate to be treated, or rather, to grind, to give it a completely finished look.If someone wants to, and it can decorate.