choosing an ordinary tea, guided only by the required capacity, the type of cooker, personal taste and style of cuisine.For the glass-ceramic panel, select only metal or glass with a totally flat bottom.For all other choice of material from which tea is made, it is not crucial.
Choosing an electric kettle, start with the heating element, which is of two types: disk and spiral.The disc is easier to clean from scale and there is no need to constantly monitor the level of water in the case of the spiral.But the discovery of a spiral element
heats the water faster.
determine how much would be the most appropriate for you, this option should be selected based on the number of family members, but remember the larger the volume, the more energy it consumes.For a single person will be sufficient pot having a volume of 0.5 liters, well, for a large family of at least 2 liters
Make sure you have at least one filter, and ideally two.Fishnet covering the spout serves two purposes: by pouring water cleans it of coarse inclusions, and when pouring descaled.Current models are equipped with special filters for fine purification.If the tap water is poor, and there is no filter in the house, then consider the option of buying just such a teapot.
Pay attention to the material from which made the tea.Kettles are completely plastic, composite (plastic and metal), metal and glass.Teapots with plastic housing are the most common, as is lightweight and democratic price.
Decide by the manufacturer and the design.It all depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities.It is worth noting that electric kettle is not such a difficult instrument to pay him big money.However, no harm will ask - is there a certificate of quality for the selected makers and the warranty on it.This will help to ensure safe operation, and the guarantee will not be superfluous in the case of a breakdown or factory defects.