parovarki.Vysokaya Determine the required power output allows a double boiler will cope with their functions and the overall device is better.
Select size parovarki.Danny parameter depends on the number of people in the family.For a large family choose steamer respectable size, small enough device companies of medium size.
determine the number poddonov.Vybirayte steamer model with multiple trays - so you protect your dishes being prepared at the same time, by mixing juices.Pay attention to the shape and depth of the pallets - it is desirable that the pallets were deep.
Select the desired type of control parovarkoy.Ustroystva mechanical, ie manual, management is not very convenient to use.Electronic control is preferred by
selecting the program and mode of operation.
Specify the number of modes raboty.Standartnye steamers are two basic modes - steaming and defrosting.The presence of additional modes makes steamer more functional, but often these modes are not used.
presence of additional funktsiy.Otklyuchenie steamer timer makes the device easy to use - set the desired work, you can safely go about their business without worrying about the quality of food.Steamer, signal a small amount of water, does not require a constant liquid level control.Have openings for dozaliva water during operation of the device allows without interrupting the cooking process, set the required level of liquid.
Gather customer reviews about the interest you to choose the right modeli.Chtoby steamer , should find out how much the declared characteristics are true, and whether it performs its function.To collect the information, use all available methods - survey acquaintances, search reviews on the Internet, etc.