enamel pot.

Such utensils made of iron or iron, and then coated with several layers of vitreous enamel.This layer creates protection for the metal and gives the pan a more attractive appearance.Enameled pots are great for cooking various soups, vegetable stews, jellies and compotes.But the food it burns much stronger than in pots made of different kinds of metal.
aluminum pans.

This cookware is different cheap, long-term, but at the same time has an unattractive appearance.Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, so milk and water boils in a pot faster than the enamel.But the food in them quite easily burnt and badly washed.These pans are suitable for cooking vegetables, potatoes, cooking porridge.
Cast iron pan.

These pots are very strong, durable, not afraid of scratches and fading.They never burns the food, as the iron is slowly heated and the heat is distributed evenly.
Stainless steel saucepan.

This is the best dishes of all kinds.It is convenient, long-lasting, hygienic.This pan has a higher thermal conductivity than cast iron, and the heat is distributed evenly, and prepares the food does not stick and quickly preparing
pans with Teflon coating.

This allows dishes to cook with less fat or oil, so the food retains the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.These pots pretty easy to clean, just enough to rinse them with water and a little detergent.