kettle heating element is in the form of a disk or a spiral.Select the disk, it is preferable as the water in a kettle boil faster.And besides, the disc can not worry about that water covered spiral that can burn or explode from heat.Gold plating spiral - a promotional gimmick, which has no practical value.Kettle Wash rotary heating element is also easier.
Determine how much pot is needed for your family.Water is not recommended to boil several times, so choose a kettle to its volume it was only enough to boil right in the amount of water once.Liter pot enough for a family of two or three people.
The teapot can be two filters - one for
the water that you pour, and the second, removable - to not get in a cup of scale.It is installed in the spout of the kettle.If you use tea filtered or bottled water, in the first filter it makes no sense.Get the kettle only with the anti-scale filter.
What material to choose housing - metal or plastic, depending on your preference.Many people think that water in plastic kettles have plastic taste, although manufacturers claim that their products do not have this drawback.If you are very sensitive to odors or insecure, then buy a kettle with a metal frame.
Choose manufacturer depends on how much money you plan to spend.It should be noted that the quality of electric kettles from different manufacturers almost the same, as well as their service life.Tea-known brand will cost you a half to three times more expensive, its cost will pay for the name.
defined the parameters, see electric kettles that offer online shopping.Choose a suitable design to the style of your kitchen.Read the customer reviews that have already used this tea.After that, go to the store for purchase.