In search of the gift of the service do not limit a dish department nearest supermarket.Go to the specialty stores, check out the antique shops and gift departments.Sometimes there can be found a very original and not too expensive things.Be sure to check out the shops selling professional equipment for restaurants.There you can buy a dish of any style - from the Empire to the avant-garde.
Try to learn the tastes of the person you are going to bestow a gift.Do it simple, modern form or he prefers porcelain, painted with pastoral scenes and decorated with gold leaf?Focus exclusively on its taste - your preferences in this case are secondary.
Determine the price you are willing to pay.Note that it is better to select a few h
igh quality items than a huge range of cheap dishes.Think of how many items you want to purchase.Ideally, if the store provides the opportunity to build the service on their own.Very elegant and festive look kits, including tureens, devices for sauces, dishes of different shapes and other nebudnichnye serving items.
If you can not decide which color to choose the service, stop for neutral colors - white, cream, light beige.These things are universal and will fit into any interior.Remember, most people prefer the dishes of warm colors.Think carefully before you choose a set of black or dark green.
determine the choice, check the quality of future purchases.Ask unpack the box, inspect all items.See the certificate of conformity.Check completeness of the service.If you buy a set of dishes at random, pack it in a sturdy box, do not forget about the seals and gaskets that protect the dishes and plates.Do not forget the beautiful wrapping paper and greeting cards - they will turn your purchase into a real gift.