For starters purchase high-quality pots, a good stainless steel pan is easier to wash, and prepare it wonderful.In any case, better to wash the pan, immediately after emptying it should be soaked.Be careful with pans with Teflon non-stick coating, the coating can be easily damaged metal object, why not use a metal brush in no way recommended.Otherwise, your pot will just have to throw it away, because it is from the pan can not be damaged, harmful substances contained in the Teflon will get into your body through food.

means that even our grandmother washed the dishes, the simplest - soda.Two-thirds of the water, two to three tablespoons of baking soda and boil for 30-40

minutes.Rinsed and looking reflective surface, admiring the smooth lines of his nose.

very effective at soaking pans, citric acid, get the pot bigger one that you want to clean up, put her pot, pour water so that it covered the pan, sprinkle in a tablespoon of citric acid and low heat simmer for about an hour.

If you want to save your gloss enamel pans from darkening, this can be achieved by boiling with various means for washing dishes.Or boil, twice a month, in a saucepan, water and vinegar.

Remains of food that burn up in the pan, especially hard to remove, so try to do the following, pour into a saucepan common salt, pour a little water and leave to stand so, then just rinse under running water.

But a bit sophisticated, but effective method, followed by your pan will shine.Is in your pantry or digesting a large pot, it put all pots are available in your kitchen.Fill it all with water, and fill to paper glue bottle, pour a packet of washing powder.All this alchemical mixture is boiled for two hours.You can also add here a pack of soda.