If melting cheese or chocolate in the common pot, the Fund will have the right consistency and flavor.It is necessary to get fondyushnitsey.It remains only to select it.Fondyushnitsy are of two types - power and those which use an open flame.Electric fondyushnitsa very convenient because it allows one to easily adjust the temperature of a cup.But she has a disadvantage - for the electricity it needs.
In terms of mobility more convenient fondyushnitsy heated using a naked flame.The fuel can be used specialized combustible gels.But this difference does not affect the quality of fondue.The choice of type depends on your preferences.
sure to pay attention to the material from which made the cup fondyushnitsy.The bowls are cast iro
n, ceramic and steel.They are traditional iron and steel bowl.They are durable and strong.More modern and lightweight ceramic bowl is not suitable for making cheese fondue. Fondyushnitsu ceramic bowl is preferable to use for the preparation of chocolate fondue.Everything else, ceramic bowls are reasonably small dimensions.If you have a large family, it is best to choose a steel or cast iron bowl.
Most recipes call for some fondue cooking temperature.The presence of fondyushnitsy thermoregulatory function will be very useful.Most electric fondyushnits have thermostats.In fondyushnits with an open flame in the burner, as a rule, have a rotating nozzle that allows you to adjust the intensity of combustion.This way you can adjust the temperature.
It should be said about the number of devices - forks.Standard fondyushnitsa has 7 forks.But in some sets fondue forks amount reaches 20 units, which is very convenient for a large company.Very useful if you handle all the forks of different colors.Guests at the table do not have to be confused in cutlery, peresprashivaya where whose fork.
Many fondyushnitsy complemented saucers and little skeet.This is very convenient, as in recipes fondue recipes are common variety of sauces that complement and set off the taste of fondue.
fondyushnitsu choosing, consider these recommendations.Selected fondyushnitsa many years will delight and surprise you with delicious dishes.