Normal set for any home - the so-called "Cook troika", which consists of three acute knife and different sizes: 30 cm, 40 cm and 48 cm.By destination knife and divided into two types: universal (which holds the bulk of the work in the kitchen) and special (which are suitable only for specific purposes, eg for cutting fillets or cleaning apples).
course, high-quality universal knife will cost you quite a large amount, but it's worth it.When choosing a knife and must first pay attention to the manufactu
ring technology: high-quality tool made forged steel with the addition of molybdenum (to prevent rusting).Also, it should be wide, because that way you will be able to achieve the most comfortable angle for cutting, and your fingers are protected from hitting the table.
next thing to check - is the quality sharpening, as people often cut not sharp, but rather blunt knife s.Today, laser technology lets you save sharpening knife sharp throughout its life.It is recommended to choose knife and the blade that runs through the handle, not the ends of a few centimeters to it.Picking up a pen, note how it is convenient, moreover, there should be no sharp edges.If it contains a rivet, then they should be done qualitatively, not to scratch the palm.
desirable to buy a knife with a wide blade , since they are not only easy to cut products, but also to push them.Before you buy be sure to check balance.Make it very simple: put the knife finger somewhere in the middle and see how it is held on a finger.If knife falls, it means that it is balanced.