which produces luxury china

first porcelain factories appeared in China at the end of the XIV century, the majority of them were located in the city of Jingdezhen.It really makes products of incomparable beauty, describing the finest porcelain lettering and drawings, comparable in fineness to the eggshell.

Since the XV century, China began exporting china, still carefully preserve the secrets of its manufacture.Beautiful vases, dishes and tea sets were in the palaces of the Japanese and Korean emperor, adorned the palaces of the nouveau riche of the Phil
ippines, India, and then to the Middle East.Portuguese sailors brought Chinese dishes in Europe in the XVI century.

Today this ancient tradition continues to the famous Chinese corporation Yong FengYuan Industry Co., Ltd, founded in 1982.This enterprise of a full cycle in which elite porcelain dishes and produce, and painted by hand.The main supplier of Chinese porcelain in Russia is the company "Ji-Lian."

Where can I buy a real china

In large stores selling luxury dishes, you can buy high quality china, produced using traditional recipes and the latest technology.Vases, dinner and tea sets thin-walled bone china brand FINE BONE CHINA FINE PORCELAIN and presented in an assortment of shops and those that specialize in the sale of Chinese porcelain.It is noteworthy that the buyers have the opportunity Packaged sets depending on their needs or to buy only one or several objects, such as a gift.

But keep in mind that the real bone china, made in China, hand painted with gold and platinum, will never be sold on dubious trays and at low prices.The subway and cookware departments in ordinary hardware stores also not a place to sell it.Therefore, choose a specialized trading platforms, which guarantee the quality and wide range of products.

But those customers who live far from the capital's shops and large shopping centers readily available purchasing this high-end Chinese porcelain on the Internet.Some shops in Moscow offer to buy it not only directly on their shelves, but also to sell through catalogs with delivery across Russia.