and modern thermos does not differ from its invention.After flask is a glass or metal body flask.

If thermos need for suburban travel, it is best to choose a metal flask, because it is stronger.If the envisaged use in the city, you should select a thermos with a glass bulb, as it is more hygienic.The temperature they remain the same.

Experts believe that in plastic thermoses keep the temperature as well as metal.A good thermos keeps the temperature around 50 degrees, even after 24 hours.These criteria are met flasks companies Thermos, Hangzhou EXCO, Penguin, Mimi "Mimi", etc.

When buying a thermos make sure the plug is screwed in tightly.Basically this depends on the desired retention temperature


also saving temperature depends on the volume.The larger displacement, better retain heat.

When buying a thermos is required to open it.If you feel an unpleasant odor, then this flask is made of substandard materials.If you decide to choose a thermos of this quality because of the price or design - do not do it, because it allocates to liquid noxious substances.

If you buy a glass flask, shake it.The bulb should not hang out, otherwise it simply will sooner or later will certainly be broken.Metal flask, certainly stronger, but it is under strong deformation can get microcracks, resulting vacuum will disappear and be lost insulation and sealing.

According to the experts - the various welding and tinctures should be prepared in a glass thermos.

quality thermos can be checked.It is necessary to fill with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes.If the body is hot, the thermos defective.

Modern thermoses are not only for fluids, but also for food and are available in the form of kastryulek.


  • the larger displacement, the better the temperature is maintained.

  • metal flask reliable and durable than glass, but in turn glass hygiene.

  • by pouring boiling water body in 10 minutes should not be heated.