you need
  • velvety cloth, cases, bags, soap
Store items separately.One of the main causes of deterioration of silver are mechanical damage.Therefore it is recommended to store all the decorations and equipment in a specially designated place.Moreover, it is best to consider the storage space so that items do not touch and do not scratch each other.It is believed that the silver should be stored separately from other jewelry metals.
Follow storage conditions.The place where you keep silver , must be dry.Moisture can damage the appearance of the instruments or jewelry they darken and will cease to shine.Get special bags or cases and place them in the product.
not leave silver in the light.Of course, watch as decoration can shine with sincere admiration.However, to
keep the light of silver products is not recommended.They may lose their luster.
Watch the temperature.Silver does not like sudden changes in temperature.Nor should keep it away from heat sources, such as near a radiator or stove.Try to maintain the same temperature in the storage space.
Wipe silver special velvet cloth.Do not use cloth or paper towels: their structure can damage the surface of products.If devices or decorations dark, do not worry.Wash them in soapy water and wipe dry, or use special tools are sold in stores.For this purpose, it is better not to use a toothpaste and powder, astheir composition can damage the surface of silver jewelry.
Most wear silver .This is one of those metals that over time only get better, but the product should always be used.When this metal is gathering dust for a long time, even under ideal storage conditions, it fades and loses its beauty.