begin with volume.Kettles are both quite small - 500 ml, and quite large - 2 liters.It is understood that one person will cost quite a small capacity kettle, while a family of 3-5 people will be comfortable to boil water in a kettle, a volume of at least 1.5 - 2 liters.

no less important factor in choosing an electric kettle is the power of the heating element - the higher the power, the faster the water to boil.Therefore, if you are not much concerned about the electricity bill and in your house wiring is good, choose tea output 2500 - 3000 watts.

defined the volume and power, it is worth thinking about the heating element - electric kettles are available with two types of heating element: an open spiral and hidden disk member.The disad
vantage of the open helix is ​​inconvenience in use - should not be allowed to spiral was not covered with water.Hidden disk heater, on the other hand, allows you to boil the most minimal amount of water, which is very convenient - if necessary, quickly boil a cup of water you do not need to pour almost a full kettle and a long wait.

Of course, choosing the tea, do not neglect his appearance - choose the one that perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen and create aesthetic dissonance.Modern kettles are available from both the high-quality plastic, and from special metal alloys, and needless to say that the latter has a high wear resistance and durability.

Modern electric kettles have all the necessary means of passive protection of consumers - so that when boiled or removed from the stand, kettle automatically switches off.In addition, some teapots are additionally equipped with an audible signal when the water boils, which can be useful if you put the kettle on and forget about it.