Basic parameters: Power.From 600 to 2000 WT.This parameter determines how long to cook what you put into it.Of course, the cooking time and the impact that it will be prepared, and the amount of steam baskets, and design features.

Steamer "Braun FS20" will cook faster than "Scarlett SC-1142", despite the fact that its power 850 WT, which is less than 1000 WT, which has the second.First cook soft-boiled eggs for 9 min., And the second for 13 minutes.Steamers are equipped with a mechanical control type.It is a round knob-timer, turning a certain number of divisions.There are also more advanced models equipped with keypad electronic type, which is displayed on the display modes.Of course, these models are more functional.You can cook all the ingredients dishes, lay them in a steamer and start cooking program it in three hours.You go on business, and come, all is ready, a

nd if you have to stay for a couple of hours, steamer will preheat the finished dish, so that by the time you come the food will be warm.

Steamers are equipped with a hole for topping up when the water evaporates and the heating element is an uncovered water steamer off automatically, so after opening you can always top up the water and if you forget to do this, the heating element will not burn.In order to let you know how much water has to be topped up water level indicator.Steam baskets usually 2-3, are steamers and one basket.It comes with the so-called rice bowl, but it can be cooked any other cereal.

Modern steamers quite roomy, the amount of baskets is 1.5-3.5 liters.Bowl for rice may be 0.7-2 liters.Baskets at different forms steamers can be different, including one double boiler two baskets can be of various shapes.

important point is the height of the pallet, you have to be drained more often than I would like, if its height is small.A good pan is 2-2.5 cm. In height.And try to choose a steamer with handles on a pallet, I hope it is not necessary to talk about the importance of their presence, and what ones are needed.Your security is in your hands, hold the handle firmly.