on induction cooker dishes you can use that is made of a ferromagnetic material.This cast iron, stainless steel.Ideally, it is best to use a special container.Absolutely not suitable glass-ceramic products.On the label of contemporary dishes indicate which type of plate it is intended.
should pay attention to the bottom of the product.It should be flat or slightly concave.Prefer a pot with a thick bottom.For plate coated with glass is better to use pans with a dark bottom - so the faster the heat.To avoid heat losses the diameter of the pot or pan should not exceed the size of the hotplate.
choosing the dishes, you should think about what you're going to cook it.Aluminium utensils for cooking dairy foods, but keep them
in it impossible.The aluminum pan is not suitable for cooking borsch, stewed fruit and other hot and sour dishes.
Pots made of stainless steel suitable for the preparation of most dishes.But in order for such dishes served for as long as possible, followed by care.The main drawback - the content of nickel in the steel, which is contraindicated for people with allergies.
Enamelware versatile - suitable for pickling and kvass.
Iron - an ideal material for broiler and pans.Pilaf, stewed poultry, vegetable stew most delicious obtained it in a cast iron Dutch oven.
now popular Teflon coating used in frying pans, baking tins.
refractory ceramics and glass do not spoil the taste of food, they can cook and store food.The main drawback - fragility.This cookware is suitable for electric stoves with pancakes.On the gas under an open flame must be sure to install a splitter.The hot pot can not be put on a cold or wet surface - it can burst.