A proven means is exposure to salt.Half of the need to pour a glass of salt on the bottom of the pan, spreading an even layer and leave for several hours.After that, you will not be difficult to wash the pan .

well-established himself as a cleanser and activated carbon.It should pound into powder and fall asleep on the burnt place.From above it is necessary to add water and leave the pan on the quarter hour.You can then start the process of washing.

to dissolve the old and dense layer of fat you need to grate a third or half of a piece of soap, cover the pan, and the resulting chips and pour boiling water.The effect will be even better if the pan with the mi

xture put on fire and boil the mixture in the frying pan about a quarter of an hour.

To remove the old pieces of burnt food and carbon deposits can prepare the following mixture: Take two tablespoons of baking soda and salt, a tablespoon of washing powder and a bit of paper glue.The resulting mixture is add water and stir evenly.The pan was put on fire and boil it in the resulting composition to an hour (to be determined visually as well start to keep up with the dirt pan, and adjust the time on this basis).After frying posvetleet, water can be poured and washed as usual pan.

Utensils made of different materials has its own specific cleaning and burnt her food differently.Teflon frying pan can not tolerate such aggressive cleaning methods, but it burns the food is not up to the critical state.Therefore, for washing of pans, a simple soak with warm water.Next on the degree of resistance to overcooking material for cookware - aluminum.For aluminum cookware food burns rarely, but it does happen.Aluminum is extremely sensitive to acidic and alkaline cleaning agents, they can easily damage the surface.The best combination of gentle cleansing qualities and regular feedback will be baking soda.

method described above with an attorney salt best suited for stainless steel pans.As for the cast-iron cookware, these pans are best cleaned until they are completely cooled, or baked-on food will be much harder to remove.