you need
  • «Pemolyuks" or other cleaning powder, sandpaper, steel wool, salt, oil, rust converter, at the request of soap, baking soda, Clerical glue.
cast iron frying pan with a touch of rust brush "Pemolyuks", then metal cleaning brush for washing dishes, cleaning the rust finish by wiping the surface with sandpaper of average size.To prevent new rust and disinfection of dishes, pour in the salt pan to the top and well ignited it in the fire.
Clean the rust with sandpaper first large (for example, a fifth the size), then less grain (third).Now treat utensils rust converter (sold in departments of household chemicals), following the instructions on the product packaging.At strongly rusty frying pan, repeat the procedure.
Men working in domestic instrumen
ts there is always a nozzle for drills with hard metal pile.Clean gently brush the rust from a surface of the dish and wash it in hot water.
Record the pan at any auto repair, which produces body works.Special grinding machine, which is available in these showrooms, workers will clean the dishes and even polish it.House of the pan should be further calcined with salt on the plate.
After cleaning the rust with sandpaper or scourers arrange cast iron cookware "bath."To do this in a large container, after which fit the pan, pour water pour planed soap, pour a packet of baking soda, pour packing paper glue.Put the pan in the solution and simmer it for an hour or two to simmer.Clean under running warm water dishes, washing soot off her washcloth.It is surprisingly easy to wash off.This method purifies dishes to its original state.