you need
  • -parovarka;
  • -vlazhnaya tissue;
  • -schetka dishwashing;
  • -uksus or citric acid;
  • -water;
  • -gazovaya or electric stove;
Before you start cleaning steamers, read the instructions carefully.The device can be made of various materials.For each of them has its own precautions.But what would have been no pressure cooker, first be sure to disconnect it from the network.
To clean all parts except the base, using any detergents.The only thing you should avoid abrasive household chemicals and too hard pads.If you scratch the plastic, it will lose its transparency, and its surface will be visible traces.By the way, as the elements of a double boiler can be cleaned manually or loaded into the dishwasher.The grid at the bottom of a double boiler clean with the brush.
If the bottom is removed, wash it will be much easier.The base of the steamer, which is an electric heating device, wipe with a damp cloth.
Periodically clean steamer from scale.Do this after about every tenth use.Pour into a container of water, two cups of vinegar (5-8%).The heating element must be covered in full, so add vinegar to the water.Replace the pan and steam basket.Close the steamer and turn it on.Do not go near the appliance so as not to bite nadyshatsya pairs.If after 10 minutes the scum will still be visible, leave the steamer to work for another 10-15 minutes.Turn off the steamer and wait for it to cool down and the solution.Pour the liquid and thoroughly rinse the instrument several times.
vinegar can be used instead of citric acid.It must take a 0.5 bags (if the scale is not strong) or 1-1.5 bag (if inveterate scale).All steps are the same as when using vinegar, but the heating time must be increased to 20 minutes.
If there are no restrictions in the instructions, use a double boiler for cleaning special descaling.Each of them is written exactly how to use the substance.