you need
  • - parchment;
  • - soft sponge;
  • - hot water;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - salt;
  • - tack;
  • - sandpaper.
have dishes made of cast iron, rough surface, so it needs special care.The absence of such will result in corrosion that will spoil the color and taste of any cooked food, and deprive him of vitamins.
Before first use, wash the dishes made of cast iron with hot water and wipe dry.At the bottom of the dish, pour a layer of salt 1 cm thick and was baked at low heat for 2-3 hours.
Then, using pot holders not to burn yourself on the red-hot handle, pour salt.Coat the inner surface of the vegetable oil.As a result of its use of the dish surface becomes smooth and acquires non-stick properties, which will improve with each cooking.
After cooking liquid meals, involving boiling water immediately, using a piece of parchment, grease washed surface of the product with fat or oil.Then place the pot or pan on the fire, the fat has become attached to the surface.
Use dishwashing only hot water and a soft kitchen sponge or rag.After washing, dry the dishes on the stove or, at least, wipe dry with a towel.With strong stubborn dirt can wash the pan (cauldron, utyatnitsu, pan) any detergent.The main thing here - rinse thoroughly under running water utensils.Do not use the dishwasher.
not "soak" the dishes in water and leave it for a long time with the remains of cooked food.Otherwise, it may appear rust.If this should happen, remove the corrosion with sandpaper or a kitchen sponge, wash the product, brush with oil and ignited within half an hour.
iron products are not afraid to mechanical damage and high temperatures, but they are necessary to protect against falls from a great height at which the delicate iron may shatter.Keep iron ware without a cover in a dry place that is constantly ventilated.