choosing a new serving items, consider what dishes already available in the house.By the massive mugs and bowls made of stoneware plates fit just geometric shapes - square, triangular, oval.With classical cups of fine porcelain look good white plates with floral pattern and gold-plated.
Consider trends.Cookware Safety glass is gradually losing ground.But ceramics, irregular geometric shapes and are becoming increasingly popular.Note the brilliant serving.Note that the warm tone, especially a yellow, orange beige increase appetite, and blue and green, on the contrary, reduced.
If you plan to wash your d
ishes in the machine, do not buy plates hand-painted - they quickly lose their elegant look.For those who like to reheat in a microwave oven is not suitable dishes with gold and silver rims and metal products.But the objects of pottery and ceramics will could not be more welcome.
not necessarily buy-color plates , now fashionable blend of different colors.Mix and match colors in the same range or contrast.For example, buy a beige and cream soup Serving plates , and by the black circles and the white bowl pick dishes.
Calculate how much tableware you need.For a family of four will need 6 small and the same deep and dessert plates, plus a couple of small flat dishes.If you often invite guests, increase the number of items in half.Do not buy too much - for example, if you rarely eat soup, you probably do not need a deep dish .If a family has a small child, buy him a separate bowl with children's drawings of bright colors.
Looking beautiful serving dishes do not limit departments in supermarkets.Go to the shops selling goods for hotels and restaurants.There you can find very interesting items at very affordable prices.They are sold as a series, and individual objects, and include such rarities as special dish pizza, sushi, a variety of desserts.In addition, professional tableware has high strength and resistance to detergents.