Before you buy, read the silicone mold on all sides: it must be stamped icons, recommendations for use and care, temperature range, the name of the manufacturer.Safe and qualitative form should not smell anything.
Note the color of the form, choose a soft, nekrichaschie colors that are found in nature.Bright light green or yellow acid form may contain hazardous chemicals.In addition, the color must be uniform without any stains, divorces and overflows.Any deviation from the norm say about the content of harmful substances in the dyes and poor quality silicone.
If the form is very thin and transparent, it is not worth buying, choose a more dense structure.Bend form and press the fold place tw
o fingers:-quality silicone does not change color, but turns white doubtful.From such a purchase should be abandoned: its use can damage health.
for baking cakes and muffins make good use of the form as a ring or wreath with a convex conical core.They better dough rises faster and baked through.The top of the truncated cone may be solid or with an opening for air circulation.
Many manufacturers produce forms on the metal supports, which eliminates the need for additional devices when filling their test or liquid.If you have a choice between the shape of the stand and without it, prefer the first.
silicone products in the market for security is traditionally the leading manufacturers from Germany and France.Strict compliance with the standards leading to high prices.Nevertheless, reasonable price silicone mold does not mean that it is of poor quality.Do not forget that buying a product known company, you pay the cost of advertising, trademark, etc.If the form is made not promoted company, but meets the hygiene requirements and the ratio of "price-quality" buy and find a reliable assistant in the kitchen for many years.