you need
  • - citric acid;
  • - clean sponge;
  • - powder means "Pemos";
  • - knife;
  • - a 9% vinegar;
  • - a special agent "descaling";
  • - lemon
Take 1-2 sachets of citric acid, pour them into the kettle with cold water and boil.Give a little stand, then drain and rinse the kettle.Pour into a clean water, boil again and pour it.Such cleaning is recommended at least once every few weeks.The amount of citric acid used depends on the number and thickness of the scale.
Pour on a clean, dry chemical sponge "Pemos" and a good rub those areas of the kettle, where most thickened layer of scum.If the sponge does not help, use a knife, but in any case, do not touch the metal
parts.After the procedure, rinse the kettle with cold water.After that, pour water into it and 100 ml of a 9% solution of vinegar, leave for 10 minutes, until the scale will not depart.Drain the water with vinegar, rinse the kettle and filled up with fresh water, boil.After using vinegar kettle boil 2 times better.This method is suitable for non-electric kettles.
use special means "descaling" it is in the form of liquid or powder.Just mix it with water, pour into the kettle and boil.It means nothing but soda ash, which is often used to soften hard water.
Another good way to get rid of the scum in a teapot a lemon.Cut it into thin slices, dip them into the pot, add some water and boil.Better to do this several times until the scale is not fully come.In the boiling kettle necessarily let cool, because otherwise it may break.
Wash scale, you can use the peel pears and apples.Put it in a kettle, cover with water and boil.As a result, the scum will disappear and the tea will get the original color.