term "unbreakable dishware" is used quite actively, and the main question about it sounds very simple: "Is it not beating?" This cookware has high strength, good resistance to shocks of the shell made of natural or artificial stone or tiledsex, habitual in the interior of the kitchen.But over time, and it will inevitably become less resistant to external influences and can crack.Similarly, we can say only one thing: unbreakable crockery is not eternal, but has a number of advantages.

What the properties of unbreakable tableware

  1. It is heat resistant.
  2. cracks and scratches on it does not happen by definition - in relation to the strength of the material has increased density.
  3. not painted from spices and tea.
  4. has a non-porous structure.
  5. Suitable for use in a dishwasher and a microwave ov

It is, of course, not a plastic or enamel bowl and on the plates and other items that look like ceramic or glass, but made of special hardened alloys.Thanks to the special materials and processing they acquire the properties to withstand the shocks and various kinds of load.

Beauty and reliability

Of all the options unbreakable tableware porcelain is the most incredible.Exquisite and fragile nature of this material, too, was able to adjust to the changed requirements of the standards of life.


English Wilmax manufacturer focused on the aesthetic form and practical qualities of porcelain tableware.The range of the brand bet is placed not on the embellishment, and well thought-out lines, and practicality of the material does not affect its exquisite appearance.

pure white, thin, almost transparent and easy porcelain Wilmax complies impact.Dishes can be used in the microwave, ovens, dishwasher.Carefully-designed shape provides thickened edges that protect the dishes from chipping and give additional strength, and thickening of the bottom, which is why products perfectly retain heat.Ware has Wilmax and the rest of the above characteristics of unbreakable dishes.For

color purity of the porcelain are compounds of magnesium and aluminum, which also makes the products more durable.New technologies do not influence while on the ecology - dishes perfectly safe for health.


Porcelain Wilmax like restaurants: in a convenient form, versatility and quality of the products, for a single recognizable style in which they are made.White concise dishes allows to make a beautiful set, in which all items are easily replaced if shatter.But, judging by the performance of porcelain tableware Wilmax, the chances that it will happen suddenly, very small.

In addition, the product brand saves space in the kitchen: plates stacked easily, drawn up in a comfortable stack.The range has everything supplies needed for serving - a reliable and, as befits porcelain, elegant.